Paint and Create A Lighthouse with Alcohol Ink in Easy Steps Udemy

Paint and Create A Lighthouse with Alcohol Ink in Easy Steps by Kellie Chasse

The Paint and Create A Lighthouse with Alcohol Ink in Easy Steps course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Personal Development.

Easy Steps to Paint and control Alcohol Inks. Create a beautiful Lighthouse painting on Yupo Paper.

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Paint and Create A Lighthouse with Alcohol Ink in Easy Steps Udemy

What is the Paint and Create A Lighthouse with Alcohol Ink in Easy Steps course about?

Create a Beautiful Lighthouse Painting using Alcohol Inks on Yupo Alcohol Ink is an amazing medium that is just now beginning to be noticed! In this course you will learn what Alcohol Inks are and how I use them to create a beautiful lighthouse on Yupo paper! This is a beginner to intermediate course. We will cover all the materials needed as well as how prepare your Yupo paper, what inks are, how they work, how to use them wet in wet to create a smooth background, how to layer inks for a detailed painting, and finally how to seal the painting. ******************************************************************************************** Watch the video above for sneak peeks at the beautiful painting you’ll create during this course, then be sure to ENROLL NOW to lock in this low rate. You’ll never pay more, even when I add new practice sessions or info to the class! ******************************************************************************************** In this course  will cover: Materials needed – Free Preview Learn to prepare your Yupo paper. Create a wet in wet background technique to create a smooth background. How to layer the inks and placement of trees using a brush for a  details. How to use a Gel Pen for highlights How to seal the paintings. Plus 2 BONUS Sections Displays options for tiles How to professionally frame your paintings. Practice Sessions Painting is a lifetime skill that anyone can learn and enjoy. Over 1000 happy students are already creating some lovely masterpieces taking my Live and online classes using watercolors and Alcohol Inks! So come be creative with me and enjoy all the compliments to come on your own special art creations you will soon be hanging! With the right instruction and a little bit of practice, you too will soon be able to make your own stunning art pieces! ******************************************************************************************** REGISTER NOW and get started making beautiful Alcohol Ink Art today! ******************************************************************************************** Here are some recent reviews from my ART STUDENTS : ★★★★★ “EASY TO FOLLOW” I have been a Bob Ross certified instructor for 26 years and I have taught in various venues. Kelly is very clear in her instructions and she makes it easy to follow what she is doing. The class is simple enough for beginners and yet she gives the student plenty of room for creating a little on their own. The instruction on the supplies was also clear and easy to follow. ~Cherly M. ★★★★★ “ENJOYED” “I enjoyed doing this this painting. I am new to watercolor. Was able to follow, having to go back occasionally. Will probably do this painting several times just for the practice. I contacted the Kellie Chasse sight because of interest in alcohol oil painting. So will be an active student for awhile to come. Thank you for a great beginning!!” ~Kathleen F. ★★★★★ “BIG HELP” “Because everything was explained so simply, and Kellie’s painting in real time was a very big help. I intend to take more of her courses in the future.” ~Jill B. Please feel free to use the Q&A section of the course if you have questions. I will try my best to respond within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that I video all the lectures myself and I am NOT a professional videographer by any means. I use Udemy as my Platform. If you have technical, account, or video playback issues, please contact Udemy’s Help Link, and they will be happy to answer any questions for you. I sincerely hope you find my course a 5 STAR REVIEW and it’s perfect for you. Please let me know if you feel any changes should be made to make it a better experience. Please keep in mind you are rating me and my teaching style, not Udemy’s Platform. These are LIFETIME Courses, which means that even after you have finished the course and you have questions later on, I’m here for you. Please note that Udemy may ask for you to review the course at any point. If you h…

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