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Practical Phishing Assessments by Graham Helton

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Practical Phishing Assessments Udemy

What is the Practical Phishing Assessments course about?

Course Overview Practical Phishing Assessments teaches everything you need to know about setting up a professional phishing campaign to bypass multi-factor authentication, spam filters, and capture credentials! This course was created for those wanting to learn how a phishing campaign is conducted in real life penetration test engagements. The course is short, sweet, and packed full of hands on content, including 100% practical information gained from conducting real world phishing engagements with 0% fluff. My goal with creating this course was to get the cyber security industry up to speed on what a real phishing campaign looks like. Most people think of a phishing email as a poorly worded email that is easy to spot, but they typically haven’t come across someone with extensive knowledge of how to send a highly targeted phishing email that evades spam filters, bypasses multi-factor authentication, and is done so by utilizing a man in the middle proxy server. Requirements An Amazon Web Services (AWS) account with a valid credit card A computing environment (Windows, Linux, Mac) with at least 4GB of RAM and 20GB of disk space Knowledge of Linux OS navigation helpful (or a willingness to learn!) What will I learn? The following concepts will be taught in this course: How to setup phishing infrastructure How to launch your campaign How to bypass MFA How to evade spam filters Credential capturing Post engagement activities such as reporting. Considerations for blue team Advice from real phishing engagements

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Course dictated by Graham Helton

Graham is a penetration tester with demonstrated experience in network, web application, and cloud penetration tests. He has conducted phishing engagements for clients and developed a methodology for capturing credentials, bypassing two factor authentication, and communicating the risk of phishing to clients. Graham has been blogging about various penetration testing topics on his website for over a year and has created a discord community to help those breaking into the field.

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