Prepare A Variety of Low Sodium Entrees, Sides, and Snacks Udemy

Prepare A Variety of Low Sodium Entrees, Sides, and Snacks by Judy Craft

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Low Sodium Food to Prepare for Family and Friends

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Prepare A Variety of Low Sodium Entrees, Sides, and Snacks Udemy

What is the Prepare A Variety of Low Sodium Entrees, Sides, and Snacks course about?

Do you struggle with finding low-sodium food options to fill you up and satisfy your taste buds?!?! If you answered yes, then this is the course for you! Enroll today to receive immediate help in lowering the sodium for your loved ones! Do you struggle with finding low-sodium recipes that are easy to prepare, look terrific, and taste great?!?! Udemy provides a 30 day money return for all COURSES. You have nothing to loose and a whole low sodium life ahead of you to gain. Join me in attacking sodium every day. This course is full of ideas to help you keep daily sodium low, over 15 downloads (recipes & tip sheets), and extra tips in the lectures to help lower your sodium intake. LOW SODIUM WATCHERS – It’s dangerous to take even a day off of watching your sodium! This course will teach you how to stay on your low sodium food program!!! In this course, I’ll share what you need to know to enjoy low sodium meals !!! I created this course for people just like you. Why? Because when my husband was diagnosed with congestive heart disease I was DESPERATE for an answer to “How can I cook for him?”. After months of research, tweaking recipes with low-sodium ingredients, and testing the results on my family (some great… some not so great) I have a enough heart healthy, low sodium recipes to fill a cook book!! I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned with you!! My goal is to make your journey to cooking low sodium easier, and to provide you with information that will enable you to have food that may become your family’s new favorites! In this course, l provide the background you’ll need to create delicious low sodium meals, and the information to start your journey to becoming a low sodium chef for your family and friends! I’m Judy, The Sodium Attacker, and I’m always looking for ways to reduce sodium and keep the flavor! YOU can be the sodium attacker for your family! Upon completion of this course, you will learn How to prepare truly great entrees, sides, and snacks Where sodium hides Why it is critical to read food labels, and what you can learn The importance of knowing sodium content of every ingredient in every recipe Low sodium cooking DOES NOT have to be bland There are a lot of low sodium items we can take advantage of Which sour cream has the lowest amount of sodium What to have in your pantry or freezer to prepare great meals To have confidence in ability to eat low sodium Why bottled water has replaced our tap water How to spend daily sodium allowance Upon completion of this course, you will have the following printed recipes or sheets Recipe for Low Sodium Italian Asparagus – 10 Asparagus spears only have 4 mg sodium. Recipe for Low Sodium Balsamic Honey Brussel Sprouts – 84 mg in 12 ounces. Recipe for Low Sodium Burgundy Mushrooms – A great low sodium appetizer. Recipe for the Best Low Sodium Ranch Dip and Dressing – Less than 14 mg per Tablespoon. Recipe for Baked Cabbage – 60 mg per serving. Low Sodium Coffee Cake Recipe – Whole cake has 150 mg sodium. 17 mg per slice List of where to  purchase low sodium Mozzerella – Recipe for Low Sodium Phili Cheese Steak Sandwich – Makes a great Low Sodium Appetizer Recipe for Low Sodium Steakums and Eggs – 165 mg for a big breakfast. Low Sodium recipe for Buttery Squash – combination of different squash makes this baked casserole very tasty. Recipe for Low Sodium Brown Sugar Biscuits – Less than 8 mg sodium each. Surprise your family with these! Recipe for Low Sodium Ground Beef Stroganoff. – 71 mg in each very large serving. Recipe for Low Sodium Butternut Squash Soup – 25 mg sodium in each thick cup of great soup. Low Sodium Blueberry Pancake Recipe. Each pancake has less than12 mg sodium. Low Sodium Glazed Carrots recipe. – Easy and quick to assemble. So very tasty. Low Sodium recipe for Corn Fritters – A taste of southern cooking to enjoy. Video shows how to roast Low Sodium Root Vegetables. – Includes a list of vegies                            complete with sodium …

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Course dictated by Judy Craft

Judy has been a homemaker since 1960. She has experienced the challenge of creating low sodium meals for her husband, and began online courses to help ease the frustration for others in the same situation. Judy is passionate about helping her students take charge of their sodium levels, improve their health, and create delicious meals their families will love!  She is The Sodium Attacker.

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