Program a Screen-Capture Tool in C# Udemy

Program a Screen-Capture Tool in C# by Huw Collingbourne

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Develop a screen-grab tool using C# and the Windows API

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Program a Screen-Capture Tool in C# Udemy

What is the Program a Screen-Capture Tool in C# course about?

Create a screen-capture tool in C# . In this course you will follow the development of a complete project from the ground up. You will end up with a utility that grabs images from screen and saves them to disk in multiple image formats. In this course you will develop programs that do all the following: Grab an image of the entire screen Grab an image of a selected window Grab an image from a second or third monitor Mark an area of the screen with the mouse and grab that area Add an image of the mouse pointer to grabbed images Calculate screen coordinates and offsets Save images to disk in various image formats Create hotkeys to trigger the screen-capture from any application Use forms and picture boxes to display images Use Windows API functions to add extra features to C# Use file dialogs to save and load images Create transparent and translucent windows Make forms draggable using API functions Override the Windows Procedure to handle events This is a project-based course that comes with all the source code ready-to-run. It provides a great way for C# programmers to move beyond the basics to explore the development of more complex  C# applications.

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Course dictated by Huw Collingbourne

Huw Collingbourne is the technology director at SapphireSteel Software , developers of programming tools for Microsoft Visual Studio. He is author of The Little Book Of C , The Little Book Of Pointers and The Little Book Of Recursion from Bitwise Books and of The Book Of Ruby from No Starch Press. He runs Bitwise Courses and teaches courses on a range of programming topics.

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