Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework Approach Udemy

Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework Approach by Raniero Chelli

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A step-by-step approach to structured project design.

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Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework Approach Udemy

What is the Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework Approach course about?

Are you willing to design a project proposal in response to a call for proposals issues by a funding body such as the European Commission? Do you have some ideas about what to do but you do not know where to start from? Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework Approach (and Matrix) are methodological tools helping you in this phase. And, in many cases, the Logical Framework Matrix is mandatory ! In order to support you in this process, this Course is structured into two main sections: Project Cycle Management, and Logical Framework Approach. Project Cycle Management or PCM is a project design methodology which is widely adopted by many International Organisations mainly in the area of Cooperation for Development. As there are different version of this methodology adopting slightly different terminologies we have adopted the one used by the European Commission, one of the major donors in Cooperation for development. The methodology is structured into six main phases and the course will take you through these, highlighting which ones concern those who submit proposal in order to get their projects funded by the donor. Actually one of the most popular tools of PCM is the so called Logical Framework approach which forms the subject of the second lesson. The Logical Framework Approac h is a methodological tool which is part of the Project Cycle Management methodology and it is used to define the main items of a future project in terms of objectives, results activities and indicators to monitor the progress. It is used both at design stage for framing the future project and at project implementation stage for evaluating the level of achievement of the projects objectives and results. It is mandatory in many funding programmes managed by the European Commission especially in the area of cooperation for development.

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Course dictated by Raniero Chelli

Raniero Chelli received his University degree in Physics in 1979 and has over 25 years of experience in international projects with specific reference to EU funded programmes in RTD and international cooperation. Project Management, Communication (personal and institutional) deep knowledge of both public and private sector deriving from experiences as a civil servant (including with the European Commission), as an entrepreneur and a free lance Consultant and as a professional trainer in the area of designing European Projects. Under this respect he has been responsible for the Research and Development module of the Master course on “Eurodesign” organised by Polytechnic of Turin in 2000-2001. He is currently President at Sophia Research and Innovation, and Italian not for profit association specializing in Eu projects especially focussing on Advanced Training and Education, IT applications and healthcare. He is also a partner and member of the Board of Directors of Sophia srl, a private company active inter alia in the area of IT consultancy and SW development.

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