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QlikView Security Masterclass Udemy

What is the QlikView Security Masterclass course about?

Become Awesome QlikView Developer by Mastering QlikView Security! This course cover everything you need to know about QlikView – both client side (Section Access) and the server side. We also provide challenges and solutions for you to solve. As a bonus lecture, we will show you install and setup QlikView Server November 2017. Course Contents Section: Introduction Lecture: Introduction Lecture: Course Outline Lecture: How to get most out of this course? Section: Security Fundamentals Lecture: Chapter Goals Lecture: Why Section Access? Lecture: QlikView Security Workflow Lecture: Authentication vs. Authorization – I Lecture: QlikView Authentication Lecture: QlikView Authorization Lecture: QlikView Security Architecture Lecture: QlikView Layers of Security Lecture: QlikView Communication Ports Quiz: Security Fundamentals Section: Section Access Fundamentals Lecture: Section Access Basics – I Lecture: Security Access Basics – II Lecture: Must Know Document Settings! Lecture: App vs. Data Authorization Lecture: Challenge: Basic Section Access Lecture: Solution: Basic Section Access Section: Single Field Data Reduction Lecture: Single Field Reduction Lecture: Challenge: Single Field Reduction Lecture: Solution: Single Field Reduction Quiz: Single Field Reduction Section: Multi Field Reduction Lecture: Introduction to Mutex (Mutual Exclusion) Lecture: Multiple Field Reduction Lecture: Challenge: Multiple Field Reduction Lecture: Solution: Multiple Field Reduction Section: Hierarchy Based Section Access Lecture: Hierarchy Based Section Access Lecture: Generic Keys Lecture: Section Access with Generic Keys Section: Impersonation and Testing Section Access Lecture: Impersonation Lecture: Testing Section Access Section: Active Directory Lecture: Domain, Trees and Forest Lecture: AD Objects: Users and Groups Lecture: What is LDAP? Lecture: ADUGLP Paradigm Lecture: What is Kerberos Authentication? Section: QMC Security Lecture: NTFS vs DMS Authorization Lecture: QMC Deployment Steps Lecture: Loop and Reduce Section: Certification Exam Lecture: About Certification Exam Practice Test: Mastering QlikView Security Certification

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