R3 Corda – Build Blockchain / DLT apps. Udemy

R3 Corda – Build Blockchain / DLT apps. by Tejus Kabadi

The R3 Corda – Build Blockchain / DLT apps. course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Other IT & Software.

Learn to build applications on the most flexible enterprise platform for Distributed applications.

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R3 Corda - Build Blockchain / DLT apps. Udemy

What is the R3 Corda – Build Blockchain / DLT apps. course about?

Corda is an open source platform for developing DLT applications for enterprises, built by the r3 consortium. This course covers the basics you need to know to get started with developing Cordapps on the Corda platform. The course includes both theory and coding projects. If you already have familiarity with the key concepts of Corda feel free to start at Section 2. This course is ideal for beginners. What is not covered Developing API endpoints for the front-end Developing front end (html/css) Comparison with other Blockchain/DLT systems

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Course dictated by Tejus Kabadi

Hey everyone, Me and my team have been developing CorDapps for the financial and supply chain industry for over a year now and i’m really excited about all the possibilities that blockchain/DLT is bringing to almost every industry in the world. My goal is to make it easy for people around the world to get started with developing Dapps using enterprise blockchains. I hope you like the course. Cheers!

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