React Certification for IT Freshers (with HTML5, CSS3, Js) Udemy

React Certification for IT Freshers (with HTML5, CSS3, Js) by Amaresh Chinnakotla

The React Certification for IT Freshers (with HTML5, CSS3, Js) course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Web Development.

Only course you need to take, to learn everything you need to become a Professional react web developer and get a Job!

Also, keep in mind that Amaresh Chinnakotla, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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React Certification for IT Freshers (with HTML5, CSS3, Js) Udemy

What is the React Certification for IT Freshers (with HTML5, CSS3, Js) course about?

Congratulations! You found the most complete and most comprehensive course online for learning all the important concepts you need to get a job as a Professional React Developer. —- What is the difference between this course and all the others? This course is specifically designed for Freshers who want to start their career in the IT industry as web developers. After a lot of research on the job portals like Naukri & others, I have listed down the most important and most common skills that the majority of the companies are looking for in a Fresher to hire him as a React Developer and created this course with all those lists of skills in one bundle. More details, please! This course is different from others because, except for this course, there is no other course that has all these skills in one bundle and teaches you with live coding experience. Each concept in this course is explained with live coding examples. Each technology taught in this course is explained and implemented practically in order to make you understand how REAL WORLD websites are created. Coding is Great! But it’s not everything you need to become a successful web developer. That’s why, in this course, along with coding we will teach you designing, planning, writing clean and organized code, best practices and much more. Designing is really, really important in web development. You must have seen all those beautiful and cool looking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We will show you how these websites are created by practically creating one of those websites designed in front of your eyes. So here is a partial list of many things you will learn in the course: This course starts with the fundamentals of web development. We will teach each concept of HTML5, CSS3 with practical coding examples. Once you are good at HTML5 and CSS3 , We’ll teach to how to build responsive websites that adjust beautifully based on the screen size using Responsive Web Design concepts. After you finish that, we will design a real-world application like Twitter practically in front of you, with just the concepts you learn in this course so far. Next, we will teach you Javascript concepts and how to use javascript to build and manipulate websites with practical examples. You will learn the Node.js concepts and their importance to building an advanced web application using Node.js. You will see how to build complex and powerful web applications very easily using React. We will teach you how Single Page Applications work and how to create them using React-Router. How to access data over the internet using HTTP and create dynamic websites like Twitter or Google News. We will show you how professional web developers set up the development environments to create real-world applications. We will teach you how to use the Chrome browser efficiently as a professional developer to create websites. How to use Firebase to deploy a web application online and access it using URL. How to think like a developer. Become an expert at Googling code questions! At the end of this course, We will teach you how to prepare your CV or Resume to apply for React Developer Jobs. How to prepare for React Developer interviews as a Fresher and what to expect in the interview. Finally, we will wrap this course with guidance to grow as a developer in the IT industry once you start your career. Tools & Technologies taught in this course: HTML5 CSS3 Responsive Web Design Javascript Node.js concepts React React Router Ajax, HTTP concepts Working with web services or APIs Chrome Developer Tools Firebase Deploy a web application online Working with Visual Studio Code Putting it all together: Building web applications like Google News —— By the end of this course, you will learn how to create powerful, fast and highly scalable web applications that look great on any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. Also, deploy these websites online and access them using URL just like other popular web…

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Course dictated by Amaresh Chinnakotla

I’m a Full-stack web developer living in Bengaluru, India.

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