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Read and Remember: Fiction by Sally White

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Simple strategies to effectively read, analyze, and recall literature.

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Read and Remember: Fiction Udemy

What is the Read and Remember: Fiction course about?

Are you tired of reading and rereading the same material only to forget what you’ve just read as soon as you close a book? In this course, I will teach you how to actively read and remember literature the first time you read a story. You will also learn how to determine your just-right reading level and increase it by challenging yourself to read more quickly without decreasing comprehension . I won’t waste your time with speed-reading techniques that don’t work, but I will give you strategies that will help you read faster and more effectively right away. I’ll show you how to use the best note-taking methods for remembering literature, and give you tips on organizing your notes once you’re finished. You will understand how to analyze conflict, elements of plot, theme, and more . You will even learn how to write a helpful review of a novel or story. I’m an experienced teacher and I promise not to bore you or waste your time . Life is short and we need to make the most of every second, especially when there is so much to learn! Once you understand how to read and remember literature, you’ll open your mind to a wealth of knowledge and wisdom you can only get from great stories ! Let’s get started today!

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Course dictated by Sally White

Sally White is a professional educator, with a Master’s degree in Education, focused on Literacy. She currently teaches reading at a middle school in Nebraska, and has over twenty years of experience instructing middle school, high school, and adult education classes in English, language arts, reading, journalism, and drama. When she’s not teaching, she’s reading novels for enjoyment, writing books of her own, or spending time with her family and their dogs. Her mission is to help others enjoy reading as much as she does.

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