Renewable Energy: Practical Introduction to Biogas and AD Udemy

Renewable Energy: Practical Introduction to Biogas and AD by Michael Köttner

The Renewable Energy: Practical Introduction to Biogas and AD course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Business.

Learn about energy recovery from organic material with anaerobic digestion and biogas technologies

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Renewable Energy: Practical Introduction to Biogas and AD Udemy

What is the Renewable Energy: Practical Introduction to Biogas and AD course about?

Biogas is a renewable energy which is used to generate heat, electricity and fuel. If you ever wanted to explore this flexible technology, how it can help you treat your organic waste or find out how you can run your biogas plant more efficiently – this is the course for you! The content was developed in a way to reach both newcomers and experienced audience. You will begin the course with the concept behind biogas and anaerobic digestion. After that, you will follow the way of the biogas recovery process, starting from the input material treatment, its delivery into the reactor, recovery and use of the products. You will learn about different variations of each of these steps. Exclusive footage from the operating biogas plants in Germany supports the expert’s explanations. You will see what kind of equipment is used and how the plant is maintained. Additional free bonus material that is included in the course: List of abbreviations, our “biogas cheat sheet” which will help you navigate through the terms used within this training “Biogas Handbook”, which can be also found online for free, written in collaboration with the course instructor Summarized lecture notes Biogas plant design task At the end of each module, you are provided with a summary and downloadable lecture notes. You can also take a short quiz to check your understanding of the content. The final lecture contains calculation of the design parameters of a biogas plant with the estimated output. To really test your newly acquired knowledge yourself, you will also get a separate task to do it yourself and compare it with the suggested solution. Check out the course overview video to see in detail what are you about to discover! Ready to dive in? We’ll see you in the first lecture!

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Course dictated by Michael Köttner

As an Agricultural Biologist and as a trained farmer, I am professionally involved in Biogas and Bioenergy Technology for more than 25 years. My portfolio ranges from professional services as a scientist and farmer in USA and South Africa to being a founding member and CEO (1992 – 2000) of German Biogas Association. Since 2000 I am the managing director of the International Biogas and Bioenergy Center of Competence (IBBK Fachgruppe Biogas GmbH) and Vice-President of the German Biogas and Bioenergy Society, GERBIO/FnBB e.V.. The main focus of my work is consulting and training in the field of industrial and small scale decentralized biogas technology in a regional, national and international context.

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