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Repurposing Business Foundations by Brett Johnson

The Repurposing Business Foundations course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Business.

Lay a foundation for discovering your work as worship, your career as a calling, and your business as ministry.

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Repurposing Business Foundations Udemy

What is the Repurposing Business Foundations course about?

Course Overview This course will help you explore the connection between your work and God’s work from the beginning of time through today. It will lay a foundation for discovering your work as worship, your career as a calling, and your business as ministry. You will feel good about your work as you get the connection between your labor and God’s work. Barriers between the so-called “secular” and “sacred” will begin to crumble. What am I going to get from this course? Over 15 lectures and and approximately an hours worth of content! A fresh perspective of Business as Ministry Exposure to thought provoking and challenging questions The breaking down of  false dichotomies between the “secular” and “sacred” New and fresh motivation at work as you begin to see it as a form of worship The opportunity to further explore this topic of Business and Missions in greater detail What is the target audience? Anyone who works Those struggling to find motivation, purpose and meaning at work Christians who are wrestling with how to integrate their faith with their work in meaningful and practical ways. Anyone who wants to know more about Marketplace ministry or Business as Missions. People who want to have an impact through their work This class is a prerequisite for the Repurposing Business training from The Institute.

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Course dictated by Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson is the founder of The Institute for Innovation, Integration & Impact, Inc. Passionate about the abolition of dichotomy­—eradicating the false barriers between facets of life, Brett is particularly interested in removing the barrier between the so-called secular and sacred. A chartered accountant, writer, father and social entrepreneur, Brett is dedicated to societal transformation through business and leadership development. Brett has over forty years of experience with leading public accounting and management consulting firms. He and the team at The Institute have repurposed hundreds of corporations, working extensively with executive groups within businesses, NGOs and international charities, helping them dream new futures, and align around a common purpose. A South African native, Brett lived in Silicon Valley with his family for over 30 years and is now based between Chattanooga and Cape Town. Brett has authored 16 books.

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