Restored: Addiction Recovery System and Education Udemy

Restored: Addiction Recovery System and Education by Jeff White

The Restored: Addiction Recovery System and Education course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Personal Development.

Learn how a person recovers from chemical dependency. Course includes step by step worksheets and tools to recovery.

Also, keep in mind that Jeff White, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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Restored: Addiction Recovery System and Education Udemy

What is the Restored: Addiction Recovery System and Education course about?

Are you interested in self improvement? Do you want to know more about drugs and alcohol? This course goes into detail on the the first 90 days of recovery. Recovery homes and retreats can cost thousands of dollars. this complete guide will show you exactly what to do in a fun quick pace tutorials from the author. This is more than educational material, this is also the personal story of the author and what his life was like before recovery, the process he went through and how his life is today. This Course is designed with the recoverer, the loved one, or anyone with an interest in alcohol or drug recovery.

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Course dictated by Jeff White

On one hand the world may look at me and see success. Our family was abandoned by my father when I was born, and I was raised by my ten-year-old sister, while my mom was out working all day to provide warmth and food. I attended speech classes in elementary school, I barely passed high school, even had to repeat English class. From their I attended the Marines for 5 years, subsequently graduated college, served in CA National Guard for five years where I left as an officer. I have received two masters degrees and I’ve been a special education teacher for the past 11 years. I have a truly beautiful wife and two of the best gifts a man could ask for,  my daughter Cora and my son Connor.  A home that is three times larger than the one I grew up in, and I go on family vacations nearly every season. Today both our cars are paid for and we have some money saved up for a rainy day. I do have a truly blessed life.

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