ROS Navigation Stack and SLAM for Autonomous Custom Robot Udemy

ROS Navigation Stack and SLAM for Autonomous Custom Robot by Muhammad Luqman

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Implement Path planning using Navigation Stack and Slam using Gmapping with Custom Robot in Robot Operating System

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ROS Navigation Stack and SLAM for Autonomous Custom Robot Udemy

What is the ROS Navigation Stack and SLAM for Autonomous Custom Robot course about?

Course Updated to ROS NOETIC : Rating is for OLD version of this course ( for New Comers ) , New update to projects and way of explanation is what you are going to love 🙂 Course Workflow: We will start by creating a custom robot named as Explorer Bot .Two wheel Differential Drive type , created from scratch using URDF containing joints, links are which are going to be explored in depth. Once the robot will be created we will add Gazebo Plugins into it  ( Differential Drive and Laser Scanner ) into URDF of our robot  . This will lead us to driving the robot and reading laser scan values from inside of simulation. After understanding all the basics of with a Custom mobile Robot we will move to a very well known ROS package SLAM which contains multiple nodes for mapping a environment , we will utilize Gmapping Node with lidar sensor as a source . Then we will bring in a 3D mesh of a pipeline of which we create a map. After that we will create a room for Autonomous Navigation using Gazebo Model Builder tool. Out robot will perform Autonomous drivign using Navigation Stack and Path Planning algorithms from Navigation Stack . Outcomes After this Course : You can create Custom Workspace Custom Python Packages Mobile Robots using URDF Inertia Matrix Calculations for URDF Links Gazebo Plugin Integration Differential Drive Laser Scanner Launch files RVIZ and Gazebo Simulation Fundamentals 3D CAD Model meshes in Gazebo Simulation Performing SLAM using Gmapping Node Navigation Stack Integration into custom Robot Path Planners Cost Maps Projects : Custom Differential Drive Robot Creation Pipeline Exploration and Mapping Robot Custom Room creation and Autonomous Navigation in Gazebo Process of Explanation Theory for Concepts building with interactive Writing and Comments Writing Code for the nodes and concepts discussed Analyzing the output and noting the resources utilized Software Requirements Ubuntu 20.04 ROS Noetic Motivated mind for a huge programming Project ———————————————————————————- Before buying take a look into this course GitHub repository  or message ( if you do not want to buy get the code at least and learn from it 🙂 )

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