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s2Member Kickstart by Brian McLeod

The s2Member Kickstart course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Marketing.

Step-by-step video training for creating awesome membership sites in WordPress using the FREE s2Member Framework plugin.

Also, keep in mind that Brian McLeod, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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s2Member Kickstart Udemy

What is the s2Member Kickstart course about?

Create Awesome, Fully-Automated Membership Sites With Ease… Simply activate the FREE s2Member plugin for WordPress and follow this training! COMPLETE: Step-by-step expert instruction in 36 HD-quality videos TO-THE-POINT: Running time for each video averages around 5 minutes. EASY-TO-FOLLOW: Create your first s2Member powered membership site today! When it’s time to create a membership site, you’ve got a few challenges… Your first choice is deciding which membership software you’ll use to run your website. One of the most popular, flexible and fully-featured membership solutions available also happens to be 100% FREE… …it’s called the s2Member Framework plugin for WordPress. Once you’ve settled on s2Member as your membership management software, you’re faced with a new challenge… Easy as the s2Member Framework plugin is to install inside WordPress, you still have to learn how to configure and use it to create a working members area for your users. s2Member may be free, but it’s as powerful as any full-price solution on the market. Built-in documentation and combing the sea of free help videos on YouTube can leave you with more questions than answers. Plus, it takes forever to sift through all the junk, hoping it will be relevant and useful for learning how to do what you want to do. Worse yet, sometimes the “advice” given is just flat out wrong! YOU DESERVE BETTER – so we made it for you. This s2Member Kickstart video training series features Steve, our long-time expert video instructor, whose smooth, easy-to-follow delivery and deep understanding of s2Member makes it a pleasure to watch, learn and implement the lessons. You deserve professional video instruction for using s2Member to create powerful, professional, profitable Membership Sites in WordPress. Get it here, now.

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Course dictated by Brian McLeod

Brian McLeod is a Direct-Response Copywriter, Sales Trainer, and Creative Marketing Consultant living and working in sunny Florida.

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