Scala Applied, Part 1 Udemy

Scala Applied, Part 1 by Dick Wall

The Scala Applied, Part 1 course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Development.

Introduction to programming in the Scala language. Core syntax and concepts.

Also, keep in mind that Dick Wall, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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Scala Applied, Part 1 Udemy

What is the Scala Applied, Part 1 course about?

After taking Scala Applied part 1, you will be able to: Use the REPL (the Scala Interactive Shell) for experimentation and fun Understand the basics of Scala syntax, including val, var, def, if, while, try, for and more Create classes, objects and instances Define and use function literals and higher order functions Understand the basics of Scala’s type inference and how to use it Write custom control structures to augment those built into the language Start down the path of a more functional style of programming Be ready for Part 2 of Stairway to Scala Applied, which will dig into some of the differences between Scala and other languages The course is half theory, half practice with hands on coding exercises built around test driven development examples. If you complete all three parts, with all the exercises, you will find that in addition to a strong grounding in the language theory, you will have the practical skills and comfort to code in Scala, as well as having the tools necessary to do so. Unlike many other courses that teach a specific aspect of the Scala language, for example reactive programming or functional concepts, Stairway to Scala Applied provides a balanced and thorough introduction to the whole language and its concepts, including libraries like Actors and Collections. It is intended to accelerate your Scala learning curve and make you able to use Scala productively by the end of the course. The course is taught by two highly experienced Scala developers who use Scala on a daily basis for real world commercial projects, and have done so for several years each. Most of the lectures are practical demonstrations accompanied by a slide. You can download the slide deck and follow along on your computer, but the lectures are also presented using Udemy mashups, so the slide and practical demo can be switched between at will. If you hear typing, it’s best to bring up the practical demo screencast instead of the slide in order to follow along.

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Course dictated by Dick Wall

Dick is a Scala Developer with over 12 years of Scala development experience, and over 10 years of Scala training experience. As well as consulting in Scala, Dick contributes to a number of open source Scala projects, libraries and tools, and is very active in the Scala developer community. He is also one of the Scalawags, a video podcast about the Scala language. He runs Escalate Software which provides Scala training services. Dick also won the inaugural Phil Bagwell Award for Service to the Scala Community, and managed the Scala Community Process in 2015 through 2016

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