Series 7: Fundamentals of Options Udemy

Series 7: Fundamentals of Options by Guillermo Nodarse

The Series 7: Fundamentals of Options course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Finance & Accounting.

Helping you understand Options and How they Work

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Series 7: Fundamentals of Options Udemy

What is the Series 7: Fundamentals of Options course about?

Are you scheduled to take the Series 7 – and are anxious regarding your ability to pass this important test? If so, you are not alone; the Series 7 is one of the most stressful and challenging tests in any industry, and often times, one’s future employment depends on passing the exam the first time around.  Perhaps the most challenging section of the test involves Options and how they work, as well as the investing and hedging strategies that are available through their use – and few sections prove more difficult for Series 7 students. Unfortunately, the Options section often represents between 10-12% of all the questions on the entire test, so mastering this material is critically important. This Fundamentals of Options Seminar will begin at the beginning, emphasizing the conceptual underpinnings of Options – what they are, how they function, and how they are used to achieve certain desired investment outcomes. Without a clear and strong understanding of these fundamental principles, it is extremely difficult to master Options, and passing the Series 7 then becomes even more challenging. Once you’ve taken this course you’ll have a much stronger grasp of the key principles regarding Options. But in order to help you understand and master the more complex applications and strategies using these contracts, I created my Intermediate Options Seminar – which will further strengthen your understanding of Options and help make you a more confident and effective test taker.

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Course dictated by Guillermo Nodarse

I graduated with Distinction from Stanford University, with double majors in Economics and Political Science. After a long and successful career in the Investment industry, I decided to pursue a life-long passion of mine – to teach students around the country – by launching my own educational company, Libris Academy. I’ve been incredibly busy since starting my new business, teaching a wide variety of subjects, including Securities Licensing test preparation (for the Series 7, 63, 65 and 66). I’ve also realized that I simply can’t help all the students needing assistance, so decided to create powerful educational videos to help more people.

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