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Setting Boundaries with Victoria & Michael by Michael Ballard

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Boundaries : Discover why relationship happiness needs boundaries!

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Setting Boundaries with Victoria & Michael Udemy

What is the Setting Boundaries with Victoria & Michael course about?

Boundaries We Teach People How to Treat Us with Victoria & Michael Discover why relationship happiness needs boundaries! If you frequently feel angry, frustrated, resentful, guilty, taken advantage of, pushed or rebellious in relationships, these are signs and symptoms that you have boundary issues. However if we do our homework including setting Healthy Boundaries we stand more of a chance of having others respect us. We’ll have a higher quality experience with ourselves and others, Plus more happiness and less frustration, anger and grief. Boundaries come in many different areas of our lives. Physical, emotional, intellectual sexual, financial, time, space and so many more. Which is your least favourite place to discuss boundaries? Setting healthy boundaries does take times time and effort. However the rewards can be large. Are you ready for more happiness and less frustration? Are you ready to feel healthy and strong in  your relationships? Sign up today Lets get started. I know you’ll find the information that Victoria shares to be both insightful and valuable to you.

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Course dictated by Michael Ballard

Michael Ballard helps people change how they deal with life’s setbacks , anxiety and stress into resilience. He as presented to audiences and consulted with groups from Bermuda to Singapore and coast to coast to coast in North America as an internationally renowned speaker.  Thousands of people have deepened their personal and professional ability to thrive using the process and skills he teaches. In the process they’ve learned how to deal with life’s touch issues and thrive, based on the expertise Michael enjoys sharing on resilience . He hopes you will, too!

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