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SLEEP Less, More Rest! by Jennie Hypnowoman Kitching

The SLEEP Less, More Rest! course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Health & Fitness.

Sleep so well you need less of it. Retraining your Brain to sleep better.

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SLEEP Less, More Rest! Udemy

What is the SLEEP Less, More Rest! course about?

Can’t sleep when you are supposed to sleep? Sleepy when you should be wide awake? Let’s RETRAIN your BRAIN! YOU need to retrain your mind and body to get back into Sync with Sleep.  You need Hypnosis!  Yes, you do.  You have been hypnotised OUT off sleep with anxieties and stresses you may even be denying, though are deep within your unconscious mind, STOPPING you SLEEP so it is time to get back on track. YOU CAN SLEEP ANYWHERE!  Yes, you can.  People sleep on long train journeys, in the back of cramped cars, in boring lectures and whilst watching tv.  This is the FIRST thing you knew how to do when you arrived on the planet.  You just need to RE-SET your brain. This is where SHORT hypnotic phrases retrain your relationship between your CONSCIOUS and UNCONSCIOUS mind.  It is your unconscious that guards and promotes the entire sleeping system and your conscious that stops it, unknowingly. Having problems trying to sleep?  Waking up in the morning feeling exhausted? The average person spends twenty years of their life asleep.  This programme will help you reclaim this time to live with energy and passion. *In this course, Senior Advanced Hypnotherapist Jennie Kitching ‘Hypnowoman’ guides you step by step through the process of what hinders and what helps you sleep, achieving deeper levels of sleep much more quickly. *This results in improved quality of sleep, naturally and easily reducing the time needed to sleep.  One hour of Hypno Sleep is the equivalent of two hours of normal sleep. *The course includes a powerful hypnotic video which prepares your mind and body for deep and restful Hypno Sleep. *The course also includes a powerful hypnotic MP3 which guides you into Hypno Sleep and down into the deepest realms of restorative sleep. *You also have several shorter hypnotic visual poems to anchor the release of stress and anxiety and dream more positively and profoundly. *You awaken refreshed and invigorated with all the energy you need to live vibrantly and energetically with increased awareness and vitality.

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