Smartphone Photography | iPhone, Android, Instagram & more! Udemy

Smartphone Photography | iPhone, Android, Instagram & more! by Omid Scheybani

The Smartphone Photography | iPhone, Android, Instagram & more! course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Photography & Video.

Your ultimate online course on how to master your camera, improve your photography, and build your social media audience

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Smartphone Photography | iPhone, Android, Instagram & more! Udemy

What is the Smartphone Photography | iPhone, Android, Instagram & more! course about?

All of us carry around smartphones, but only very few people are truly capable to make good use of the camera. Too often I see people taking pictures on their smartphone that are just boring, uncreative, and at best, meh. This is why I have created this smartphone photography class in which I want to share with you the skills that allowed me to build an audience of 30,000+ followers and get to license my photographs to brands like Apple, AirBnB, or UPS, or publish photography books and host photo exhibitions. I want you to truly step up your smartphone photography game, to the point that people won’t believe that you took those pictures on a smartphone. Over the course of this course, which has been recorded in real world settings, I will teach you all you need to know to become an skilled smartphone photographer and take and edit pictures that are not only beautiful to look at, but also tell a story that reaches and touches your audience. The course consists of the following 6 chapters: Introduction: I will share some of my philosophies and thoughts on how to think about smartphone photography and how to develop your own style. I want to help you be more thoughtful about what makes your pictures uniquely yours. Your camera: You won’t be able to master your smartphone camera if you don’t fully understand it. Let me walk you through some of its most important features. Yes, some of those features are basic, but mastering those is what can help set you apart. Composition: This is where I will teach you specific techniques on how to make your pictures more visually appealing. Basically how your pictures can stand out creatively. This is what will allow your pictures to move from “oh, nice” to “oh, wow”! Street Photography: Do you always need permission to take pictures of people? I will teach you the ins and outs of street photography and how to capture the hustle and bustle of life on the streets. It takes time to get a handle for this, but I’ll share my secrets with you. Editing: Taking a picture is half the rent. Editing it is the other half. Watch me edit pictures and share my thought process with you as I do. I will walk you through my edits step-by-step. You will see how some digital touches can really elevate a picture. Audience Engagement: I will share my thoughts and experience on how to engage with your audience and how to be a great visual storyteller. After all, each picture has a story to be told, and you want to be thoughtful of how you share those stories. Again, I am very excited to welcome you to this class!

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Course dictated by Omid Scheybani

Born and raised in Germany to parents from Iran, I have lived and worked all around the world from the Americas to Asia. My comfort with the unknown, and my desire to lean towards it, has allowed me to explore the world in a depth that not many others have. My ability to empathize with people and cultures, has earned me the reputation of being a “World Culture Storyteller.” Over the years, I have continuously pushed the boundaries of smartphone photography. Driven by my desire for artistic expression, I have developed a cunning ability to capture and story-tell the world around me. My photography is thoughtful, just as much as it is expressive. Despite only shooting on my smartphone camera, I have had the honor to collaborate with Apple, AirBnB, Google and a number of other brands. I have also published photography books and hosted both solo and group exhibitions.

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