Software Estimation with COSMIC Function Point Analysis Udemy

Software Estimation with COSMIC Function Point Analysis by KRUPANANDA BABU M

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Sofware Measurement in line with an ISO Standard for Software Project Estimation, Productivity Analysis and Valuation

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Software Estimation with COSMIC Function Point Analysis Udemy

What is the Software Estimation with COSMIC Function Point Analysis course about?

COSMIC (COmmon Software Measurement International Consortium) has come up with a methodology to measure software in most simplified form which is very intuitive and less time consuming, yet is very effective in proving valuable inputs to software project estimation and for evaluation of software projects. This consortium is combined of members from the academia and industry. Prominent universities of the world and many major companies have contributed to the development of the methodology and continue its implementation. Software industry benchmark data also include COSMIC Function Points as on of the basis for comparing software metrics like Productivity, Defect Density among others. Government Accountability Office of the USA also prescribes COSMIC Function Points as one of the methods to measure software. This methodology is called second generation software measurement methodology as it has evolved over a period of time and is way more simplified than others. It has attained an ISO certification with number ISO 19761. It is also conformant to another ISO standard 141413 which is for Functional Size Measurement. This course covers the COSMIC Manual version 5.0. which was released in April 2020. The course covers the definitions, rules and the examples given in the manual and from the real world. There are three case studies which help the students better relate to what is learnt in the theory.

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