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Spring Boot For Software Engineers by Nelson Jamal

The Spring Boot For Software Engineers course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Development.

Build enterprise restful API’s

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Spring Boot For Software Engineers Udemy

What is the Spring Boot For Software Engineers course about?

After receiving more than 150 thousands on youtube . My video on is the most popular video for learning Spring Boot in under 50 minutes . A lot viewers asked for a course and here it is. This course is packed with over 6 hours of awesome content where you will learn the following N Tier Architecture If you not sure how to structure applications. This course will teach you how to your classes in the right place. Restful API with Spring MVC and the most know HTTP Methods. i.e GET, POST, PUT, DELETE Unit testing Writing software is not just writing code with proving that it actually works. You will learn how to unit test classes using JUnit, Mockito BDD style and Assertj. How serialise and deserialise java class to JSON objects using Jackson FasterXml Spring Depedency Injection Removing the new keyword for services and data access class has great advantages and its something that you must know. JaxRS and RestEasy Spring MVC is great but it does not implement JaxRS specification. You will learn how to create Restful APIs with RestEasy RestEasy Client API Choosing the perfect rest client is difficult. RestEasy makes it easy to create proxy to any API. Integration Tests In this course you will learn how to write integration tests to ensure all components and classes work together. Java Bean Validation API This API allows us to have annotations in Java POJOS to define allowed values for properties and required properties Refactoring How to package and spin up the application as .JAR file Perhaps you want to learn how to build enterprise applications, or want to improve your skills in the Java world or even hunting for your next job as a software engineer. Well this course prepares you for all scenarios and I can guarantee you that will become a better software engineer after taking this course. Become part of the 150 thousand people that have benefited from learning Spring Boot with me. Enrol now and I will see you inside.

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Course dictated by Nelson Jamal

Hi my name is Nelson and I am a software engineer . Graduated with a 1st class honours in Computer Science and in the past few years I have programmed in various programming languages such as PHP, Python, C#. Primarily I write Java and JavaScript  focusing in Distributed Systems hosted on cloud. In my spare time, I love teaching, Photography, Baking, play Football. Yes I know, I am an all-rounder!

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