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Tarot and Dreams – Interpreting Dreams with Tarot by Massimiliano Colosimo

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Learn to interpret dreams with the help of Tarot symbolism

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Tarot and Dreams - Interpreting Dreams with Tarot Udemy

What is the Tarot and Dreams – Interpreting Dreams with Tarot course about?

Are you a Tarot reader? And are you interested in using dream interpretation techniques? Then you shouldn’t miss this Course! As a first approach to this Course, here is a little challenge for you, based on the description of Carl Gustav Jung’s youthful dream of the “Brocken Spectre”: “It was night in some unknown place, and I was making slow and painful headway against a mighty wind. Dense fog was flying along everywhere. I had my hands cupped around a tiny light which threatened to go out at any moment… Suddenly I had the feeling that something was coming up behind me. I looked back, and saw a gigantic black figure following me… When I awoke I realized at once that the figure was a “specter of the Brocken,” my own shadow on the swirling mists, brought into being by the little light I was carrying.” (Carl Gustav Jung) Were you able to recognize at least one Tarot Card that seems to describe this dream scene? Well done: Exactly, it’s the Hermit Tarot card! Let’s go ahead, now there is a little more challenging question for you: Which other Tarot card would you choose to represent the gigantic black figure following the Hermit? For sure it has to be a scary Tarot card, a specter, a card recalling a “Shadow figure”. Yes, you’ve got it! The Devil Tarot card! As a next step place these two Tarot cards side by side. Did you notice? Now we’ve built a Tarot sequence which visually translates the dream we were occupying with! Now it depends on your Tarot reading ability to identify the underlying message of this dream by formulating an interpretation based on the Tarot symbolism. Welcome to the world of OniroTarology, the art of interpreting dreams with Tarot. This Course offers you an innovative technique that combines dream interpretation and Tarot. The goal of using this technique is to learn to interpret dreams with the help of Tarot symbolism. It’s a practical Course that will help you to read Tarot and support you to disclose the hidden messages in your dreams. OniroTarology is not a divination or cartomancy practice that is based on drawing cards; on the contrary, Tarot cards are chosen according to their symbolism, using them as a decoding tool. In practice this means that you build a Tarot spread which is connected to the dream scenery: by this way you translate the story behind the dream in a meaningful sequence of Major Arcana. While traditional methods advise you not to use Tarot for yourself, OniroTarology is an unvaluable tool for self-awareness, establishing a connection with your subconscious mind. But of course it’s a precious and valid methodology to interpret a Querent’s dream as well! Course content The Course is suggested for practical application and it includes an exciting collection of 5 real dreams that are interpreted step-by-step according to the OniroTarology method. This Course is appropriate for Tarot experts who would like to explore a new approach to Tarot but it is as well suitable for intermediate or beginner students: the Course includes the downloadable e-book “Oneiric Code of the Tarot”, a collection of interpretations of the Major Arcana in relation to the most frequently situations and archetypal imagery encountered in dreams.

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Course dictated by Massimiliano Colosimo

Mi occupo di formazione, con una focalizzazione sulle tecniche di interpretazione dei sogni come stimolo alla creatività, al comportamento organizzativo e alla crescita personale.

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