Teach English with 21st Century Skills (the 4Cs) Udemy

Teach English with 21st Century Skills (the 4Cs) by Wayne Finley

The Teach English with 21st Century Skills (the 4Cs) course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Teaching & Academics.

Bring your TEFL class to life with the 4Cs

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Teach English with 21st Century Skills (the 4Cs) Udemy

What is the Teach English with 21st Century Skills (the 4Cs) course about?

Bring your English classroom into the 21st Century! The 4Cs are critical to the lives of your students in 2021. Master the teaching skills that will bring your classroom into the 21st Century: Critical Thinking Creative Thinking Communication Collaboration Whether you’re teaching energetic elementary school children, rebellious high schoolers or independent university freshmen, this course will modernize the way you teach . Everything you learn in this course is applicable right now. It’s explained in a lively, fun way and made easy to grasp. All the methods and activities are tried-and-tested and always work . 21st Century Skills are what every student needs to navigate the modern world . 100 years ago, the traditional classroom was no problem. A lot of jobs were in factories where the ability to work for long hours, without any interest whatsoever, was a plus. Education prepared students for the industrial workplace. The world has changed! In 2021, most students won’t end up in factories, but in jobs that require a whole multitude of skills. They will need the skill to think critically ; assessing and evaluating their environments. They will also need creative thinking skills : not only the skill to understand the environment, but change it for the better; generating new ideas and innovating old ones. The modern workplace is also a hotbed of communication : not just speaking, but listening, writing and reading! Instead of working alone, the 21st Century worker is in a team, and so one of the most important skills we must teach students is collaboration ! If you want a job done well, you must do it together. No other teacher training course on Udemy covers the 4Cs. Enroll now to learn 21st Century Skills.

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Course dictated by Wayne Finley

Wayne Finley is an award-winning teacher, trainer and TEDx speaker. As an English teacher, he has received numerous accolades, including ‘Distinguished Teacher of the Year’ awards for his English classes in South Korea. Since 2010, Wayne has helped thousands of students master speaking English.

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