The Changes Learning & Development Need Post Covid19 Udemy

The Changes Learning & Development Need Post Covid19 by Ashok Sharma

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Learn the Strategic & Execution changes you need to make in Learning & Development to be ready for post Covid19 world

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The Changes Learning & Development Need Post Covid19 Udemy

What is the The Changes Learning & Development Need Post Covid19 course about?

Covid19 is a global pandemic that has impacted human life like never before. All the countries, societies, industries, and organizations, in a nutshell, the entire humanity is impacted by this global pandemic. Over 30 million Hr & L&D professionals need to change their modus operandi to be effective in developing the workforce in this new normal. If you are a committed learning leader who is ready to transform your function to meet the expectations of the post Covid19 world, this course is for you. Key areas to focus upon Identify and train employees on key focus areas to make them productive Making employees ready for a new virtual work environment. The training execution approach changes required in this new normal The new push model, to increase learning participation. Steps to transform Learning & Development to be ready for the new world First, we will learn the areas where we should focus in the post-pandemic world for employees’ productivity. The second thing we will learn is how to prepare employees for this new virtual work environment. The third thing we will learn in this course is what all changes we should make in the learning and development approach to meet the requirements of this new normal. Last but not least we will learn to create a pull model to get maximum participation in the learning.

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Course dictated by Ashok Sharma

Ashok Sharma is a strategic senior learning and development professional offering over 15 years of rich & qualitative experience in this field in the industry. His business-aligned approach to run L&D function, make him a key member for strategic business decisions in his. He effectively supports business teams for performance improvement through tailored solutions. He plays a key role in implementing technology – process – business model changes in the organization. His hands-on experience and time tested methods to make him a successful L&D professional. His passion to make others learn technology, domain, processes, and other skills lead to teaching his own function Learning and Development.

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