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The Complete Modern Guide for HIV & AIDS by Abudo Health Programs

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The Complete Modern Guide for HIV & AIDS Udemy

What is the The Complete Modern Guide for HIV & AIDS course about?

Do you know that there are as many as 36.7 million people living with HIV/AIDS across the globe? What’s more astonishing is that 1 in 5 people with HIV don’t even know they have it. This course aims to shatter the stigma of HIV, which is often more harmful than the diagnosis itself. We have come a long way since HIV was first discovered and diagnosed. This course is for any sexually active person over the age of 16 to understand the specifics of HIV, how to prevent transmission, and how to live a better life if diagnosed. This 16 section course gives you the facts, helpful tips & the information needed to have more productive conversions with your health care practitioner. So, what topics do we cover? Here’s an overview of what you can expect from the modern HIV course How Does HIV get transmitted Understand HIV and Aids (and the difference) Conventional & Alternative Treatment Options Using Diet & Exercise To Boost Immune System Traveling Guidelines For HIV Patients Managing Your Expectations Managing Stress while being HIV Positive How To Talk About Your Illness Adopting a Positive Mindset Towards Life Guidelines For HIV Caregivers Dealing With HIV Stigma HIV and Workplace How to feel accepted and that you belong Ready to shatter the stigma? Start living a better life today- Register now!

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