The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Human Resources Udemy

The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Human Resources by Elle O’Keeffe

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HRM in 5 – 10 Minute Lessons

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The Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Human Resources Udemy

What is the The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Human Resources course about?

Are you working HR without formal training or education? Are you transitioning from education, engineering, or another area of business into an HR role? Do you want to show your current or a future employer that you have the knowledge needed to support the HR department and the business units dependent on HR? If so, then this course is for you. I created this course to provide a thorough introduction to human resource management in 5 to 10 minute lessons, so you can watch a video in the time it takes to enjoy your morning coffee or evening tea. As a full-time professor and mother of triplets, I know what it is to be busy, so I assume that each of you is also strapped for time, and I created this course with that at the front of my mind. In 5 to 10-minute lessons, you’ll learn about the 4 functions of HR, the purpose of training versus development, best practices in staffing passive and active candidates, onboarding effectively with long term success in mind, leading during times of change, using valid methods, such as benchmarking and KPIs, to measure the success of individuals and SWOT or PESTEL analysis to measure the organization’s potential for success or failure. NB: We have added videos to each section for English language learners and bilingual attendees. In these support videos, I focus on the pronunciation and use of key terms for the section of the course. Warning: I am a total HR nerd, so I get excited about compensation systems and performance management. I love discussing HR as a strategic unit in a business the way some people discuss sports or food.

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Course dictated by Elle O’Keeffe

I’ve been teaching English and business courses online for 15 years at a variety of colleges and universities. For the last 9 years, I’ve trained faculty in online sessions as well. While doing all this teaching and training, I also earned my PhD and had triplets.  Teaching online allowed me to be on bed rest 20 weeks while expecting the triplets and to set my schedule while writing my dissertation. I am excited to help others interested in teaching online as a side gig, adjunct position, or FT career.

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