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The Key to Selling Online Courses – The One Thing by Ian Stables

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How I Changed My Results – One Thing Sells Your Course the Most – No Change to Descriptions, Promo Videos, or Marketing

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The Key to Selling Online Courses - The One Thing Udemy

What is the The Key to Selling Online Courses – The One Thing course about?

Change the one thing that will transform your course sales. (Also works for Kindle books.) When instructors want to improve course sales, they try to improve their course description, improve their promo video, or look for a new marketing secret. While these things are important, it’s not the game changer they’re looking for. The game changer is the one thing most instructors overlook. When you focus on this one thing, your course sales can radically change. What is this one thing? Answer: The course title. I discovered this years ago when I published my second Kindle book on Amazon. I called it, Cleaning Without Scrubbing. I ran a marketing campaign. The result? Very little results. I looked at the cover picture. It looked good. I considered the book description. I was happy with it. I couldn’t see how I could make it better. It was good enough. Was it my marketing campaign? No. I knew it worked for other authors. I decided to change the title. It liked the one I had. However, I knew it couldn’t be anything else. So I changed it to, The Easy Way to Clean. I ran the same marketing campaign as I did before. The results blew me away. I got sixty-six book sales in less than eight hours. This continued to outsell every other book I published on Amazon for more than two years. I have more than fifty Kindle books. I only changed the title. Nothing else was changed. The title is the one thing you can change to massively change your results. Think about it. The only thing deciding factor students see, in Udemy search results, is the course title. If they don’t click on your course title, then no sale. When you get your course title right, your results can radically change. Over the years, I’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t. In this course, I’ll show you what you can do to make your course title sell. You’ll discover these things: – Get your course at the top of Udemy search results – Make them want your course, before they’ve read your description or watched your promo video. – How to make your course irresistible – Make them believe your course really delivers results – Use the words proven to massively boost sales – Offer students the magic pill – How to change your course title so it sells I want you to succeed. Throughout the course, I will always be here to answer your questions. Just post your questions in the Q&A section at any time. I’ll answer them as soon as possible. Change the one thing that really can transform your course sales. Enroll now.

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