The Real and Only New York Cheesecake Udemy

The Real and Only New York Cheesecake by Alessio Piantanida

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The Everyone’s Guide to the Best Baked Cheesecake

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The Real and Only New York Cheesecake Udemy

What is the The Real and Only New York Cheesecake course about?

Cheesecakes are one of the most popular kinds of dessert, loved for their sweetness, soft consistency and crunchy base. Want to know the secret to the perfect cheesecake? You’re about to find out in this best-selling course! Not only will you learn all about cheesecake, but I also, the most important parts, my three favourite toppings, perfect for any slice! All of the lessons are filmed up-close which is perfect if you’re learning on a phone or other small device. I will your guide as you explore all the elements that will allow you to create your own show-stopping cheesecakes. Personalized support is also included…just send me a message! Are you ready to master this popular and delicious dessert? Let’s get started! See you in the course.

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Course dictated by Alessio Piantanida

Pastry Chef, Baker and ice cream maker for fifteen years, I have been working as Executive Pastry Chef on 5-star cruise ships for several years now.

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