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The Rise of China by Kasim Javed

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Learn about China’s geopolitics, foreign policy and economic interests around the World

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The Rise of China Udemy

What is the The Rise of China course about?

By the end of this course, you will understand why the world is talking about China’s rise, the context to the latest trade war with the United States, the motivation for China’s sheer economic interests around the world and how it practically seeks to achieve these interests. You will study China from many dimensions including its philosophical outlook, its political history, geopolitical ambitions, the man behind the mission and much more.

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Course dictated by Kasim Javed

I am a keen observer of International Relations and have been writing and producing political analyses for almost ten years. My analyses is recognised on YouTube and Facebook where I have a combined following of 500,000 followers. Through my courses you will develop a more accurate understanding of global politics that will provide you with a clear lens from which to understand the daily news.

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