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Tree Data Structure and Algorithms by Sweet Codey

The Tree Data Structure and Algorithms course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Development.

Mastering the art of solving Tree problems and acing the Coding Interviews

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Tree Data Structure and Algorithms Udemy

What is the Tree Data Structure and Algorithms course about?

Are you looking for a zero to hero course on Tree Data Structure and Algorithms?  Do you want to master the topic which is most frequently asked in any coding interview?  Are you a passionate problem solver/algorithm enthusiast/theoretical computer scientist who is looking to scale up his problem solving skills? Have you been using trees but still not able to understand it perfectly and thoroughly or are you looking for a course that helps you feel and visualize the tree data structure/algorithms? Are you looking forward to train your mind on how to think instead of cramming algorithms? Are these some of the questions that come to your mind? If yes, then you are reading the description of a perfect course you intended for. Understanding the tree data structure and algorithms is of utmost importance in the journey to become a top-notch programmer. This is because trees are fundamental data structures and they pop up at more places than you realize. Be it the file system on your PC or the PDF that you read or the chess game that you play against an AI or even the auto-correct/spell-checker that you use while documenting something, all of them are using trees under the hood. In fact they are the first data structure you will perform meaningful recursive computation on and therefore understanding trees even helps to strengthen and solidify the recursion concepts and divide and conquer paradigm. This is the reason why coding interviews are majorly constituted by tree problems . Understanding the tree data structure and algorithms is undoubtedly mandatory for acing the interview process of the the Tech Giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM etc. We have spent a great amount of time in developing and organizing the content of the course taking into consideration that the learning should be as fluid and smooth as possible. The contents are systematically laid out. We follow a fundamental approach for imparting our knowledge and for explaining the concepts intensively. We start with a thorough and an in-depth coverage of theory followed by a great collection of solved interview problems regarding the topic studied. Apart from that we provide various brain twister quizzes and coding assignments along with their true solutions( C++ and Java codes for the programming assignments ) for every topic that we study. We have always been praised for the quality questions that we put in our assignments by our students who believe that it has helped them to grasp and remember more. The student would be able to maximize his learning if he follows the course from the start till the end along with an active usage of the discussion forums. We have a highly responsive team who are looking forward to help the students in the discussion forums with alacrity. So what are you waiting for. Just go ahead and sign up for this easy to understand course and get one step closer in the path of becoming a top notch programmer and get ready to land up your dream job by mastering the art of understanding tree data structure and algorithms.

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