Uncover Cognitive Biases in the Customer Journey Udemy

Uncover Cognitive Biases in the Customer Journey by Customer Experience 24/7

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Heuristics that can Increase sales and Customer Satisfaction

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Uncover Cognitive Biases in the Customer Journey Udemy

What is the Uncover Cognitive Biases in the Customer Journey course about?

Are you curious about how you could fall victim to marketing ploys due to your brain’s mental heuristics?¬†Are you a marketer looking not to trick your customers but to improve their experience? In this course, we will discuss both the tricky biases that marketers use to nudge up sales but also some of the other biases companies can use to help customers enjoy their experiences more. This is, after all, a customer’s world now. As for the nuts and bolts of this class, read on. I will guide you through what heuristics/cognitive biases are and why your brain uses them. I have also created a story about a man named Bob who plans for, purchases, and eventually goes on a beach vacation. During all stages of this journey, you will hear his story, then I’ll have you guess which biases he encountered during each phase, and finally, we will define the biases and discuss a few more examples of each. I hope you find this to be a fun and interactive way to learn about biases during the shopping journey. Plus, there are lots of beautiful pictures of beaches since I created this course in deep winter as the cold penetrated my bones.

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