Unity Visual Effects Graph for Beginners Udemy

Unity Visual Effects Graph for Beginners by Mahmud Shuaib

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An Introduction to Unity’s Visual Effect Graph for Beginners

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Unity Visual Effects Graph for Beginners Udemy

What is the Unity Visual Effects Graph for Beginners course about?

Bienvenue, This course is a practical guide to creating visual effects in Unity. It is focused on the beginner who has little to no experience creating visual effects in Unity, especially with the Visual Effect Graph the course is intended to guide students to create  their your first set of visual effects. We begin the course by installing the vfx graph to our Unity project. Next we take a detailed look at the VFX Graph interface and breakdown the core components that make up the vfx system. To work efficiently, we will install a render pipeline template using the  Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and learn how to install and  use post processing, which greatly improves visual quality . Furthermore, we will learn how to set up our projects with a render pipeline. Please note that this course doesn’t require any scripting as the VFX Graph is node based. During the course, we will learn how to create parameters and expose them to allow customization and creation of different versions of an effect. Each section is gradually progressed so as not to overwhelm students with details. the course is also practically oriented so you will be focused on creating. After our introductory section comes the fun part, creating our visual effects. throughout the course i will show you step by step how to create various common effects. we will be creating the following visual effects : Sparks Fire Creating Fireworks Comets Sci-Fi Portal Light Flare Effects A Cutout Effect A Planetary body (Star) and more. Each effect is created in real-time and broken into understandable sections. Course materials are fully provided and you are free to use and modify them.  i am really excited to show you what you can achieve by just scratching the surface of the vfx graph in unity. See you in the course.

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Course dictated by Mahmud Shuaib

Learning never stops. and that is my motto. i am a strong believer in self motivation and development. this has pushed me to learn new ideas and concepts and fate has pushed me to explore the realm of Art. As a child, i had always loved painting and sketching. so as life began to play catch up. i refused to give up and this has made me become a better artist. overcoming fear and living life to its fullest can really bring out the best in anyone. i studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Maiduguri and have a Masters in Environmental Engineering From Cranfield University Bedfordshire.

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