Virtual Meetings with Confidence: 90-minute Confidence Guide Udemy

Virtual Meetings with Confidence: 90-minute Confidence Guide by Jimmy Naraine

The Virtual Meetings with Confidence: 90-minute Confidence Guide course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Personal Development.

Boost Your DIGITAL Confidence. Learn Best Tips and Strategies to Be More Confident & Charismatic in Virtual Gatherings.

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Virtual Meetings with Confidence: 90-minute Confidence Guide Udemy

What is the Virtual Meetings with Confidence: 90-minute Confidence Guide course about?

Do online gatherings make you feel uncomfortable? Are you getting freaked out just thinking about speaking up during Zoom calls? Are you petrified whenever you get asked to deliver an online presentation? Perhaps, you cannot even sleep the night before? If you resonate, keep reading as you are in the right place. Let’s talk about Digital Confidence. What is it? Why do we even need it? Due to Covid19, everything has been moving into the online space. So many of us have to regularly attend or even present at virtual gatherings. In many cases, it’s no longer a matter of choice. If you are serious about your career, you simply have to attend virtual meetings, whether you feel like it or not. This is why it’s more important than ever to develop your bulletproof DIGITAL CONFIDENCE. The good news is that it is precisely what this course is all about. You are about to learn: how to boost your core confidence and start believing in yourself why you are already better than you think you are how to get into the “Winner’s” state before any live event how to use powerful body language techniques to feel more confident and appear more charismatic how to practice before any virtual meeting the most powerful presentation techniques that will make you more captivating and charismatic how to alleviate stress and anxiety when they show up out of nowhere And more… The truth is that not being confident in the digital space already costs you a lot. Think about it. If you lack digital confidence and cannot present yourself with charisma, you end up missing so many golden opportunities. Not being confident and charismatic often leads to poor results, such as: not being able to convey your message clearly freaking out during a live presentation melting under pressure during an online negotiation not being able to successfully close deals due to stress failing an online job interview to name a few… If you are serious about developing your digital confidence, you are in the right place. Enrol now, begin your transformation, and I’m very excited to see you on the other side. Jimmy

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Course dictated by Jimmy Naraine

FROM GOLDMAN SACHS TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP In my “previous” life I was in the corporate world, working for companies such as Goldman Sachs. However, I quickly realized it wasn’t for me and dove into entrepreneurship. I’ve spent over 8 years teaching over 260,000 people in my online courses while traveling full-time (76 countries) . I always embrace the white-belt mentality , but I’m also grateful to see my courses mentioned in leading publications such as Entrepreneur, FoxNews, Forbes, and BusinessInsider. IMPACTING MILLIONS For many years my single mission was to help millions of people with their psychological issues . Hence, my obsession with building educational content for the masses. However, as my audience grew, I started getting approached by various experts who also wanted to create courses. Sadly, in most cases, fear, confusion, and perceived complexity rendered them paralyzed. COURSE CREATION: Nowadays, together with my Team, we help experts, entrepreneurs and companies amplify their “voice” by creating world-class online courses. Course creation is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Having an experienced support team in your corner can save you months of wasted time and costly mistakes. After receiving over 44,000 official 5/5 ratings, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. “007” LIFESTYLE However, life is not just about business and building courses. I do my best to embrace all aspects of being a human and try to make the most of my 28,000 days on this planet. I constantly seek opportunities to challenge myself on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. For a decade, I’ve been exploring unconventional paths whether it’s training Muay Thai in Thailand, surfing in Bali, hiking the Himalayas, exploring Colombian jungles, or doing ice baths in frozen lakes – all of it while running my businesses. FROM STAGE PHOBIA TO TOP PRESENTER: I absolutely love connecting with audiences all over the world, from Barcelona to Tokyo. I regularly speak on prestigious stages such as Digital|K, MindvalleyU, WeWork, and DNX, to name a few, often being voted the best speaker of the event. I also host international gatherings such as OCR European Championships and run private training (online and offline) for companies.

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