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Windows Active Directory for IT Security Adepts by CDeX (Cyber Defence eXercise Platform) Official

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Gain a range of practical defense cybersecurity skills based on a technologically advanced cyber range training platform

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Windows Active Directory for IT Security Adepts Udemy

What is the Windows Active Directory for IT Security Adepts course about?

Active Directory is the most critical application for the majority of enterprises. It allows its administrators to manage easily and centrally the entire set of users, define their access to network resources and configure the computers they work on. Unfortunately, this powerful tool, being called the “keys to the kingdom”, is a very attractive target of cyber-attacks. This is the reason why IT security specialists should take into account this directory service. Gain hands-on knowledge that is applicable to real-world environments about threats, methods of detecting attacks and how to prevent them. Learn how Active Directory works and what possibilities it offers, and how Kerberos works Be aware what is the attacker’s perspective and how attackers utilize Active Directory features to take advantage over IT security specialists Discern opportunities of reconnaissance of the infrastructure that Active Directory creates to attackers and what you can do to improve security Configure Active Directory policies related to user accounts to hinder attacks Detect and limit password spraying Identify a Kerberoast attack and what threats it carries Learn what countermeasures you can take to prevent a Kerberoast attack Understand how LAPS works and how it can help you with secure password management Increasingly desirable cyber security skills at your fingertips Despite the existence of many good sources of knowledge about Active Directory security, most of them take the perspective of offensive security representatives, mainly pentesters and red team members. We noticed the gap regarding materials created for blue teamers and decided to fill it with a course fully oriented towards people responsible for recognizing and counteracting cyber-attacks , and maintaining the availability and security of core services. As defense security adept you play a significant role in maintaining company IT security undistorted. Being aware of it, we provide you comprehensive knowledge of the Active Directory from a security perspective, with particular emphasis on detecting and preventing attacks. WHAT MAKES OUR COURSE UNIQUE? What distinguishes our course is its extensive practical value , thanks to the use of CDeX Cyber Range as an illustration of the discussed content. It is an advanced cybernetic training platform allowing for practical training in the area of security of any scale and level of complexity, and containing infrastructure prepared especially for the Active Directory security training scenario. So, our course won’t be limited only to delivering information. For the vast majority of time, you can see practical actions involving the use of vulnerabilities, detecting attacks and counteracting them. You can immerse in realistic attack situation thanks to many practical examples, which strengthen your position in the fight against threats! No matter whether you want to level up your career and get a well-paid job, to become more skillful in the IT defensive security field, or you are at the beginning of your professional way as cybersecurity specialist, or are just passionate about it. This course creates an opportunity for you to gain practical skills and fill in the knowledge gaps, and finally achieve the intended career goals. In order to provide you an optimal way of learning, we used the following structure for most of our lessons: discussing the theory behind the threat, showing what the problem is and what attackers can achieve with it showing what the attack path looks like from the perspective of the attacker, using the training scenario launched on cybernetic training range presenting practical ways of detecting a given attack also using our platform discussing how to implement mechanisms that will make the execution of a given attack difficult or impossible At the end of the course you will also receive a bonus lesson ! Remember You have a 30-day money back guarantee from Udemy, so there’s absolutely nothing to worry a…

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