WordPress for Beginners: Build your Brand with WordPress Udemy

WordPress for Beginners: Build your Brand with WordPress by Fran Solo

The WordPress for Beginners: Build your Brand with WordPress course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Development.

Learn WordPress, Build a Professional Website, Launch your Business and Sell your Products and Services Quickly

Also, keep in mind that Fran Solo, professor of the course, is an excellent professional with worldwide recognition.

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Wordpress for Beginners: Build your Brand with WordPress Udemy

What is the WordPress for Beginners: Build your Brand with WordPress course about?

Are you ready to learn how to make professional looking websites? And do you know you can do that without any knowledge of HTML or CSS coding? You look around the web and see amazingly designed websites and wonder how you could make one on your own without having to spend a fortune? WordPress is a fantastic free web design tool that lets you create stunning websites with ease. And you are just in the right place to learn how to use it. When I first had a look at WordPress, I didn’t even know how to install it. Does it need to be installed on a computer or is it on the web? A few years ago there was very little documentation, and the one available wasn’t user-friendly at all. And finding video tutorials was even harder. Now you have so much choice, and that is also overwhelming. What course to buy? Which one is the right for me? WHY SHOULD YOU LEARN FROM ME? I have been building sites for almost a decade as a hobby and as a side business. I helped build knowledge base websites for small companies using WordPress and I have a beginner mind set when it comes to teaching software. I like to learn and teach in plain english. COURSE CONTENT You’ll be able to build a professionally looking website You’ll be able to customise any WordPress Themes to your liking You’ll be able to sell your products and services online You’ll be able to accept payments You’ll be able to design Pages, Posts, Menus, Footers, Sidebars and other features in WordPress You’ll know how to host your website either for free or through a Web hosting. You’ll learn how to optimize your site for Google, Bing, Yahoo search engines You’ll know how to speed up your site for better visitor experience You’ll know what plugins are, How to search and install them You’ll know how to make a website an e-commerce site in a few easy steps You will know how to create recurring payments, pricing variations and create discount coupons You’ll be able to create a website for any purposes, whether is for Photography, Graphic design, Music, freelancing or for a business You’ll learn how to backup your site and how to retrieve it in case of emergency or loss You’ll know how to setup Opt-in forms throughout your site You’ll be able to collect emails from the day you publish your site You’ll be able to create Newsletters, autoresponders and email sequences for your Marketing You;ll be able to secure your website from spammers and hackers You’ll be able to convert your site into a HTTPS secure socket layer site (Increase website security and encryption) You’ll know how to upload and protect your content from being downloaded unsolicitedly If there is anything you don’t see here, ask the instructor Frank to implement it. He’ll be more than happy to help! You’ll know how to create a dedicated website for online courses and digital products DETAILS MODULE BY MODULE In this course I’ll show you that WordPress isn’t that daunting as it looks and once you get through the first 2 or 3 Modules , you’ll get the hang of it soon. You’ll be able to create Posts and Pages and how to insert images, videos and other media for your blog or articles. You’ll be able to create navigation menus, sidebars, footer, Opt-in forms, social links and sliders. Exclusive tool for the students of this class: You can access to my Treasure list to buy the perfect domain name for your website. Just put your name and email to access it for FREE!  You’ll find all the instructions in Module 1. It’s a valuable tool that will help you greatly during Module 1 if you decide to have your website live on the web. In Module 4 You will learn how to make your website an e-commerce site where you’ll be able to accept payments and sell your products and services in no time. You’ll be able to create Coupon codes, deal with Refunds, Create price variations and recurring payments. In Module 5 You’ll get to look over my shoulders at how I customise a free theme to make it look professional and functional. By the end of Modul…

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