Working with DAX Iterators Udemy

Working with DAX Iterators by Randy Minder

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Master the use of DAX iterators and the magic of context transitions that allow them to perform magic

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Working with DAX Iterators Udemy

What is the Working with DAX Iterators course about?

As a DAX developer, you’ve probably used iterators already. In fact, it’s quite possible you have used iterators and didn’t even know they were iterators. You may not even know what the word iterate even means, at least in relation to DAX and table processing. In this course we take iterators to the next level, by demonstrating the most common uses of iterators and by introducing new iterators you have probably never used. Learning how to leverage iterators in your code is an important skill to acquire. Using iterators and context transition together will allow you to perform data manipulation you may not have thought was possible. You will learn how to get the most out of DAX iterators and use context transitions to your advantage. If your goal is to become a DAX expert, you must master the use of these important functions. And, you must understand how they work. Finally, you will be able to test your knowledge of iterators by working through 20 questions and exercises.

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