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Write Your Movie! Udemy

What is the Write Your Movie! course about?

Do you have an idea for a movie and want to turn it into a screenplay? Have you already started a screenplay but aren’t sure where to go next? Have you finished a screenplay but feel it needs restructuring? ” Write Your Movie” is for you! In these lively and experiential lessons, award-winning writer/director Christina Morales Hemenway guides you on the path to your creative success. You’ll learn how how to write and structure a narrative film based on your life’s experiences! The session topics are: Crystalizing Your Idea- How to create your synopsis, logline, and pitch. Starting at Finish Line-  By reverse-engineering your movie, figure out where you want it to go and step it back to the first step. Revealing Your Hero- Developing your main character based on their desires and challenges. Setting the Ticking Time-bomb- Introducing the inciting incident that catapults the story. The Pinch- The first internal obstacle the character faces. The Fork in the Road- The first choice the character has to make, based on exterior circumstances. The Lookback-  The second internal obstacle the character faces. The Midpoint- The second turn of events that propels the story forward. Self Sabotage- The third internal obstacle the character faces that keeps them from moving forward. The Rug Pull- The third turn of events that throws things into a tailspin. Lesson Learned- The character finally learns a lesson that allows for them to get to a new plateau. The Climax- The character finally gets what they want and the impact on the other characters is shown. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced screenwriter, Christina Morales Hemenway will help you turn your dream into a reality.

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