Yin Yang Yoga: Build Your Home Practice Udemy

Yin Yang Yoga: Build Your Home Practice by Erin Aquin

The Yin Yang Yoga: Build Your Home Practice course is undoubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after by those seeking to specialize in Health & Fitness.

Enjoy an invigorating yoga flow coupled with long-held, relaxing postures at home or while you travel.

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Yin Yang Yoga: Build Your Home Practice Udemy

What is the Yin Yang Yoga: Build Your Home Practice course about?

Are you looking for a yoga practice you can do anywhere and also customize to fit your lifestyle? In this course you will learn more the relationship between warming, strengthening Yang Yoga and deep long-hold Yin Yoga. Expect to gain tools that will instantly help you build a strong home practice and stick to it. The course includes a full length yoga practice to get you started and allows you the flexibility to modify the session to suit your schedule. Finally, learn some of the fascinating theory around Yin, Yang and the 5 Elements and how they work in nature, in people and on the mat. Over 100 minutes of video included + book suggestions and other free resources to help you keep learning.

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Course dictated by Erin Aquin

Erin Aquin is an author, yoga instructor and co-founder of AquinYoga.com She is a pioneer of Yin Yang Yoga and easily blends over a decade of teaching with her experience as a Chinese Medicine practitioner. Currently living in Boston, she recently published her first book, The A-Z of Being a Successful Yoga Teacher designed to help instructors worldwide create more sustainable businesses.

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